Cutting the cord or? There must be something better than cable!

Techdirt: Charter Spectrum Once Again ‘Competes’ By… Raising Prices.

There there was a time in the prehistoric era! When cable first start out it was an antenna service.

Who would have thought that cable would have grown to be this big?

I can remember when it was an antenna service

It was first introduced here in town. But only for the rich suburbs of the city.

As I recall it only covered the channels 2 through 13. At the time during the mid-sixties.

You’ve got your local channels at the time it was 3, 5 and 8, the other channels were filled with either out of town or out-of-state channels. There was even one channel that came from London Ontario Canada.

As a kid I used to play with the TV every once in awhile. Just to see if I could pick up any out of town or out of state TV stations. I loved it! My parents hated it!

The antenna service was promoted as more shows more movies more sports more news.

As the antenna service grew into being cable.

Cable channels were basically custom-made channels. To suit just about anyone and everyone

Now what do we have?

Higher cable rates! Carbon copy of each channel!

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