In the over 5years I have been here?

Neither the property mgs.want to spend money on this place!

The place has changed over the five years that I’ve been here. 5 times!

Now I haven’t noticed that current management wants me to move out all because they will not renew my lease.

How can you throw out somebody who has paid the rent in full and on time

You would think that in front of the apartment complex! They would install security cameras to find out who has been hacking away at the evergreen bushes.

They have money to hire a towing company to do a reconnaissance mission to make sure all the cars has stickers on them and the ones that don’t get towed away at their expense! No problem there!

Current management does not answer the telephones with a human being they would rather have a caller leave a voicemail message or communicate to them via email they say it’s all due to legalities being what they are?

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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