The difference between renting and leasing?

It’s hard to believe even for me!

People have a hard time trying to figure out or understanding difference between renting and leasing versus owning?

And the difference between having a good track record of paying the rent in full and on time. Versus evictions.

Evictions can weight extremely heavy on a prospective tenant who does have even one eviction on their record.

What really makes it worse? Is when the tenant doesn’t understand or comprehend the difference between renting? Leasing? owning?

And when the tenant moves out? They stopped short of hiring a wrecking ball! And does damage to the space that they were paying!

And the tenant comes up short in paying the rent just short of every single month!

When you rent or lease?

You’re only paying for the space of the place that you’re living at.

You do not own the space of the place none whatsoever!

Usually in some cities there is what’s commonly referred to as housing court. You can always call to find out what you need to know when it comes to renting/ leasing. Or a landlord tenants organization.

Always check with each level of government to see if they have landlord tenant laws.

It’s been said!

There are two prerequisites an income property management owner needs?

A deed! And the pulse!

Even on any level of government that has landlord tenant laws. they are limited because they don’t want to restrict or even detour anybody who is interested in owning income properties.

Each level of government is pretty much the same way when it comes to attracting and maintaining businesses think of that City, county, State.

The only thought that the tenant needs to keep in mind is?

Always keep the space of the place that you rent / lease.

As if you did own it!

But don’t let it go to your head!

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