Cleveland Union terminal

I still believe!

At the time we are the only city. I guess in our own way we let it be known to both the commuter locally and also the commercial railroad passenger who will arrive in Cleveland.

At the Time! Fred Harvey restaurant, gift shop, lounge, newsstand.

Just within Cleveland Union terminal alone!

There was a uso, men’s room next to that was a barber shop, railroad ticket counter. And a place where the track announcer would announce over the PA system what train would be arriving at what gate you had to go downstairs to like the basement in order catcher train both commercial passenger and also public transportation Subway, what we here in Cleveland call rapid Transit.

I can remember having lunch with my mom at Fred Harvey’s acorn room which was a buffet-style restaurant and they always had this huge roast beef. I can remember mostly on Fridays we went there for there fried fish. There was one time the chef came up with something called shrimp thermidor! And went over like a ton of bricks!

Next door to the acorn room was Fred Harvey’s English oak room a little more sophisticated dining restaurant.

The gift shop also contain a little snack bar as well as gifts for travelers to take home to their families if they were out of town or out of state.

They also had what they called a satellite snack bar which was kind of across from the Fred Harvey gift shop.

Facing the satellites snack bar to the left was a bakery to the right was the Fred Harvey choo choo lounge.

Next to the bakery was where we clevelanders would grab our rapid transit trains to go east or west bound. Next to it was a self-serve delicatessen.

There was a very unique Ford’s time especially during that time! when does self-serve delicatessen was closed they would put a gate all around it and on Wknds no shutters were needed because of The Life and times the way we were at that time.

There was also another newsstand next to the shoe repair and shoe shine Shop I’m not sure if it was a part of a Fred Harvey family of companies or not.

Little did I know until we have a public transportation strike. That where the old post office used to be. There was a parking garage that led to Cleveland Union terminal.

But then there was another area order where there was a secondary entrance for the rapid transit.

There were like basically for marble ramps there always are a type of incline so in the winter time you really had a hold on to those steel rails otherwise you would slip all the way down. On one side where’s the Fred Harvey gift shop where I was he has your coin operated I guess you could say footlocker’s if you wanted to store something way like a suitcase or something they had coin operated lockers. And I’m next to that was a Fanny Farmer candy store. Across from that was another snack bar next door to that was a I’m not shop various types of nuts they would Rose and salt and sell them.

There was another Fred Harvey newsstand and I’ll never forget every time there was a new issue of Playboy that came out they would get 2 huge stacks of copies of Playboy magazine. Apparently at that time when it was a dollar an issue. I can remember some business which stop by and be nonchalant about it. They would open up the magazine and check out the centerfold. Close the centerfold back and go on their way.

The Fred Harvey newsstand also carry not only magazines and also the local newspapers but on the other side of news then they would sell out-of-town newspapers in various type of national, tabloid newspapers. As well as paperback books. Across from the paperback for crack there was the higbeecompany bookstore next to that was the higbee company shoe repair and shoe shine shop next door to each other. And there was also another bakery right across from the newsstand.

To my knowledge it was the only place where public transportation commuters or commercial railroad travelers would want to check out the department store the higbee company had its budget basement and a couple of rotating doors you when went through the rotating doors you were in the higbee budget basement. You could go up the escalators and check out the the normal merchandise they sold.

When you walked up these ramps and you turn to your right you’ll be on the street level on the higbee company turn to your left there was a bank a little further down there was the transit bar, and you can also go up to the observation deck terminal tower, and you can also enter at the time the Sheraton Cleveland hotel.

I’ve been to the observation deck of the terminal tower there’s basically one story under the top of the terminal tower. on one side you can see the many different interstate highways from the observation deck they look like nothing more nothing less than a bunch of ribbons interchanging with each other.

Fred Harvey pulled out from the terminal Left both newsstands in place.

In place of the acorn room it became a McDonald’s

Commercial railroad faded away Amtrak came up with a different location for Cleveland passengers.

It was the early to mid 80s when things began to change.

In the 90s the city decided to overhaul the terminal. And it was like a mall with different shops And about 5 theaters.

When tower City basically came in? The Higbee company which later became Dillard’s folded. When the May Company later became Kauffman’s folded!

Now! The city wants to turn tower City into a high-tech hub.

It’s amazing!

The Life and times the way they were back then verses the time the city converted from terminal into are you shopping mall.

It is truly amazing how things change over time!

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