Royal castle vs. White Castle

There was a time here in Cleveland Ohio USA.

We had a couple of restaurants one of them was tasty burger and the other one was most widely known as royal castle!

Royal castle was widely known at least locally. For their small hamburgers. Which were identical to the White Castle burgers, referred to as sliders.

The only difference was the Royal Castle burgers were small and round and for us guys two bites! And the burger is gone!

When White Castle opened up its first store on the west side. There was a line of vehicles as far as the eye could see!

Some if not most of us heard about the size of White Castle hamburgers. It was strictly because White castle’s sliders what is reminiscence a little bit to Royal Castle hamburgers.

White Castle expanded in the Cleveland area during that time but it also acquired churches fried Chicken.

Burgers and fried chicken?

The formula to Church’s fried Chicken was the same. But when churches was a separate franchise. It also had Cajun Rice. White Castle did not.

But sometime during the great recession! The people at White Castle decided to close up what they call “non-performing stores”.

We had fun while it lasted!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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