Where were you during 9/11?

This question has got the rank right up there the same as where were you when you heard JFK was assassinated?

At the time of 911? I was working. When one of the co-workers told me that a commercial plane hit one of the twin towers.

A few minutes later the same forever told me another plane hit the other twin towers.

I can remember during lunch time I went outside just to see if anything was happening? It was absolute dead silence! No cars on the street. It was so quiet you thought that it was Sunday morning!

When I got home I hit the internet went to USA today. Apparently! Theit machines must have hit the mega overload! Every time I tried to go back to usatoday.com. It would give me past editions of USA today not one for 9/11.

All of the networks just kept talking about it perhaps one or two networks did show a replay of what happened. I can say that all of the networks we’re being way too sensitive when it came to showing anything that was related to 9 / 11.

I think it is safe to say even to this day it’s hard for me to even imagine let alone think of the massive loss of lives on that day.

You do have to give some credit to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani mayor of New York. He did try to spend as much time trying to recover bodies from the tragedy.

I think it’s safe to say that even onto the day and into the future?

He will always be remembered but also so he will not be forgiven and trying to recover every last body that was in the 9/11 in the twin towers at the time.

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