If you could have invite anybody! Who would you invite?

I think the first person on my list would be Abraham Lincoln. There was a guy that the word on his own. And if you ever seen any of the movies that were made of Abraham Lincoln? You’ll know why.

I think the next person would be JFK. Especially when he was in the Navy torpedo by the enimy. And some of the enlisted men who were on the boat. Said JFK’s boat was torpedoed said Kennedy should have done something ahead of time.

Next person would be Nikola Tesla. This was one very open-minded very free-thinking kind and type of guy. I had heard and I also read that at the time even the feds weren’t all that sure about him.

Unfortunately I think it’s a real humongous insult that Elam musk names his car company Tesla in honor of him?

I would love to invite stars who died tragically either are committing suicide or through something that was not of their control at all!

And would mostly be out of strictly curiosity that just to see if they knew quality content and type some kind of people they hung around with at the time of their living. Maybe write a book about it nothing scientific or medical!

Did they pick the right people or the wrong people pick them?

The only thing I’m not sure about is either to have my dinner party wet or dry?

Of course there will be plenty of food and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages then let’s see if they did come once they found out the dinner party would be wet or dry?

Of course you know the old saying? When the liquor goes in the truth comes out!.

But I think the one thing that would end up being most impressive is the fact that?

Each one of those gifts will have something to contribute to the other share if not swap stories!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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