To learn anything and everything you can about money, because after all it’s your money!

I would say the first time your parents or your family members ever giving you let’s say a penny or pennies nickel, dime, quarter. And should we be so lucky? A half dollar! From the time we make the money, we spend the money. That is the time that we should start thinking about investing.because the sooner you invest even when it comes to stocks bonds annuities even micro investing and yes retirement that much further ahead of you are from inflation, cost of living adjustment (cola).

As we grow up and grow older?

We should also learn how to spend our money wisely!

I heard it said and I do have to agree with it?

That is every payday. You should set aside a certain amount of money each pay. To pay yourself first! It’s in a way a reward to yourself to give to yourself!

But don’t go hog-wild with either if you have a girlfriend and you have kids or you have a wife or partner Partner have kids you have to take in to consideration those other people in your life.

Money itself can be intricate!

Time for those couples who do have kids?

To the parents? Don’t get into your children’s piggy bank either!

Because when you do such a thing? You’re defeating not only their purpose but also your purpose and your purpose is to teach your kids how to save/invest.

When we get our first job all all concerned about is having money in our pockets Mode of transportation and finding out which place is the best place to hang out!

When I get my first job I’m going to have me some fun!

But at the same time you do lose track of why you are working for the money?

You get so used to having fun each and every payday you lose track of any and all sense of time.

In due time you’ll find yourself in a rut as the old saying goes? Failure to plan means you’re planning to fail!

Each and everyone of us!

It should be our objective, goal our mission in life is not to be cheapskate tightwad tight ass people because even going that route you also end up in a rut as well instead of living comfortably or you’re not being extremely tight wad of person but at the same time to unite living in a luxury type of life and lifestyle either.

To always know quality versus quantity. And I’m sure there’s every single American who clips coupons. Is it all right to say as a hobby/interest?

If you happen to live within an area were you can also get out of town if not out-of-state Sunday papers you’re even that much further ahead!

Like when my family and I were living in the state of Connecticut. There was a 7-Eleven that carries not only in the state of Connecticut the local newspaper but also New York City newspapers as well.

The only difference between the state of Connecticut major city newspapers are New York City newspapers?

The New York City newspapers had coupons for a certain number of cents off and the Connecticut Sunday newspapers the difference was between the two $0.25.

even the store managers informed their cashiers year personal State doing double off coupons to don’t accept coupons that were $1 and over. To always accept coupons that are 99 cents. That went over like a ton of bricks!

You don’t always have to go to the closest supermarket to do your grocery shopping her at the same time to you also have to figure out if it’s all worth it the girl from one supermarket who had good deals on some items or another supermarket you have some good deals on other items.because of the burning of the gas and the fluids and then wear and tear on your vehicle is also the time to take into consideration.

Happy coupon-clipping!

As time goes on.

I hope to come up with some ideas and suggestions on how to save money like this one?

I’ve learned this from an electrician.

He informed me by unplugging any and all items that you are currently not using you will see such a reduction in your electric bill.

Of course we do have to leave essentials basically the refrigerator the cable box the modems/routers.

Basically it’s the item that you are not using that specific moment.

I know there are people that think by using timers they’re still saving money. In having them connected to their lamps there are saving money on the contrary!

Your timer also consumes electricity as well.

I have one comment that I posted of YouTube who says there is no such thing as he put it?

“phantom electricity!”

There are devices that can be bought basically at home improvement stores. They can actually show you how much electricity is still flowing to your devices and appliances that you have plugged in and turned off

Some of us do know that for a fact some of us really don’t believe it. Simply because we have been brought up to believe that when we turn things off no electricity is flowing through a device or appliance when those items are turned off.

Just try to watching TV in the dark can also have a significant impact on your electric bill. Since we are into Indian summer leave your windows open a little bit not a lot just a little if you’re one that loves cool air at night.

Another tip is?

To some it may seem very unheard of.

This can apply to any liquid your detergent or fabric softener liquid, body wash, body gel, shampoo.

Turn on the bottle upside down! And you don’t have to overdo it when it comes to dishwashing detergent body washes so on. You just might be surprised cutting back just a little not a lot just a little in your usage of body washes and shampoos. When you turn your bottles upside down. You are utilizing the contents inside the container.

Those of you who have these space heaters fan type of space heaters that is. Try putting a pedestal fan in front of it. It does spread the heat from your space heater that much more quicker. Of course when we go shopping for electronic devices and what have you!

We always have to look for the energy star energy efficient devices.

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