As parents, our job is to learn from our past and try not to repeat what our parents did to us and pass it on to our future generations

This is something that goes back way beyond history!

Even our ancestors did not know much about child-raising. So they did the next best thing?

Using common sense! That was common sense is what kept us safe!

As we were also growing up? The things that we thought we would ask our parents permission on? And we thought that we would get yes! Only to get one word two letters “NO!”

But little did we know that those things really and truly did keep us safe which was basically our parents goal, objective, mission.

There are some parents and some children that really don’t understand their parents reasoning? Growing up as kids. Only to take it out on their own kids.

It was like with my mom and dad. My mom was always on the receiving end of her mom’s punishment. Only to find out that her dad would steal things from his wife and blame it on my mom. The punishment even by today’s standards would be barbaric Way beyond the word abusive!

My dad ends up being the black sheep of his side of the family!

All because of what happened to his mom when his mom asked him to accompany her to the market? He said no she went by herself this was during a time when streetcars ran the streets!

As his mom was crossing the street This was in the winter a streetcar came down at a high rate of speed and killed her.

He got the blame for it!

Well everybody was having steak and potatoes he was having soup! I’ve had a soup consider yourself lucky you still have a mouth after eating his soup.

Again! Even our parents of long ago work on what little they knew.

Even with two parents or one parent family? As hard and as tired as we may be? we still have a full-time responsibility to our children not just to our job.

Because it’s very simply? Why did we have kids for?

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