Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?

Other than the tricycle. I can remember when my parents bought me my first two wheeled bike with training wheels. I didn’t understand a thing of what you were telling me.

Then when my two sisters ran off and got married. I got one of their bicycles. The damn thing was almost bigger than me!

I did manage to break into the hand-me-down bicycle what that was like maybe two to three years later.

Then and later years!

I finally got a 10 speed bike and my so-called competitor Glen it got a little jealous, envious, all of me. Because I am 10 speed and he only had a 3 speed mine was higher than his.

I can remember when my two sisters gave me I wasn’t even moved 4 years old at the time their pair of roller skates.

Man did I break out into a sweat! I can understand you in at 4 years old. what being on metal roller skates was really all about?

Put the skates on me and try to get me to stand up when you spent a great deal of your growing up learning how to walk and I’m learning how to run the last thing you would ever need is to put on a pair of metal roller skates!

Since when was never really truly a friend in the fullest sense of the word. My ten-speed and I we went a lot of places when I told him of the places I went again he got jealous and envious he didn’t want to be outdone!

All things considered because he was basically and overdosing narcissist!

They don’t want to be one of them are down they want to be one or more really comes to the people that they know.

But I had fun!

I did a lot of things on my own and I learned how to have fun on my own all by myself as well.

When you’re on your wrong and you only have your bicycle?

That bicycle can be more than just a vehicle sort of.

There can be more than a friend because a bicycle can take you places where you want to go you’re in control nobody else tells you what to do or how to do it!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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