Do you remember your first taste of Candy?

My first taste of candy was introduced to me by my two half sisters my first piece of candy was bubblegum!

That’s what I’m Topps bazooka and double bubble only cost one penny. Little did I know that there was also find flat pieces of bubblegum which Indian side rapper had a temporary tattoo!

You just look a spot on your arm slap your tattoo and place keep it still all I was going to get very blurry.

From bham to 3 minutes and lift up when you got yourself a temporary tattoo.

Not like today!

I remember during the summer and the fall there was wax lips, wax mustache, wax buck teeth!

There was sports trading cards as well. I can remember at the time when JFK was assassinated that was also trading card pictures of JFK the Hyannis Port Mansion among other things.

We had a Saturday afternoon sci-fi movie Holes but I’ll name of ghoulardi!

And there were trading cards of that as well!

It just seemed like during the mid-sixties, it was like a steady stream of various candies brought to market.

Who could forget regal crown sours? Adams sour fruit flavored gum?

Hotshot cinnamon candy? Cinnamon toothpicks.

Milk-a-nip a little cheerio carton that contain five different flavors for a nickel. Pretzel rods for a nickel.

Those were the days!

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