If there was a problem? Let it be know otherwise! Nothing gets done about it!

This is a consumer philosophy that I learned on my own.

I can give you a couple of examples of how I developed this consumer philosophy.

A supermarket that I usually went to. I bought a large bag of potato chips store brand potato chips.

When I got home there was on top whole potato chips but after a eating a few? Half of a bag was broken potato chips aka crumbs.

I notified the supermarket HQ. And they sent me two gift cards totaling $15.00 their supplier who manufactures the snack items for the supermarket sent me a check for $6 on a $3 bag of broken potato chips!

There is one McDonald’s restaurant right up the street from me. I don’t want to order anything that has a hash brown attach to it!

Because the employee’s AKA crew as McDonald’s wants to call them!

Handle the hash browns “barehanded!”

I’ve reported the problem repeatedly my cause for concern both unsanitary and unhealthy!

Even though they have been trained to use tongs when it comes to lifting up the hash browns and putting them in the little cardboard pockets or paper bags.

One of the crew our young girl was wearing slippers on the job!

Now even though I let it be known to the McD NEO organization. When I went back later on the following month the girl that was wearing slippers on the job i her bour own weird-ass way?

Complain that I turned her in. This was out of cause of concern for the other person!

She did not see it that way none whatsoever! I informed her I said what if something heavy landed on your foot? What if you picked up a rack of hash browns and one of the hash browns fell on your foot while wearing slippers as well?

Do you really truly think you’re going to get workers Comp? I think it’s the same one right over her head being the young person that she is.

I have one encounter with a Walmart CSR!

She wants to know what my order number was? I told her she had the nerve to say to me “I can’t find it!”and I was talking to her on the phone when I gave her the order number that did not sexual with me at all!

I sent an email to the CEO of Walmart explaining the situation I even copied my order number that the CSR said I did not exist!

I’ll let you fill in the blanks on that one!

Another time I ran into a problem with FedEx!

The CSR they’re said to me: “I know why we had a problem delivering your package!*

Because the label it didn’t have your apartment number, and there was no tracking bar!

I did get my package and I did look at for shipping label. Yes! It did have my apartment number. And yes it did have the tracking bar!

I had a fire off an email to the CEO of FedEx!

Both problems were solved.

I had another problem with a certain Bank!

One of the tellers have the nerve as the guts! Too Short me $50 in my checking account!

When I brought it up to this assistant manager who tries to come off while she’s the manager! She backed the tellers play also supported her!

I fired off a aother email to the CEO of this specific bank instead I got the district manager and I explained to the district manager in such intricate detail of how the tellers transact a customer’s transaction?

His half cent investigation! Ended up with all four of these broad’s lying to him and he took it like a fish! Telling me in the most water down way I ever heard of! That I was wrong! That’s something you don’t tell the customer!

Simply because customers and past customers are the absolute greatest walking advertisements any business could ever have!

The only difference is? When we talk about a business restaurant event So on!

We are promoting that specific thing!

The only difference is? We the walking advertisement! Don’t get paid for it!

One thing I really don’t like is? With an extreme passion?

Is when you go to a specific business for let’s months or a few years.

I knew just move on with your life. Then you go back to it again and you get treated with such indifference!

The employees at the business that you’ve done business with in the past when you come back to them? And you get treated indifferent clearly that should not be none whatsoever!

What if you just happen to be in the area and you want to check out the place?

One customer does not make a business go bankrupt!

In general business has thing that by being indifferent to an old customer? That will get him or her to come back again some pick up where they left off!

What a crock of excrement!

Another incident that I encountered was that DD! A couple of young guys thought they were being really slick! I ordered two dozen of DD’s!

Instead of getting fresh donuts? I got a mixture of fresh donuts! And stale donuts!

I contacted the corporate franchisor! Explain my situation within 24 hours I got a phone call from the franchisee!

I got me I’m Auto fill Dunkin donuts card to use on my next visit.

IDK! Perhaps the manager was out to lunch time in more ways than one!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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