Once in awhile do empty your cellphone

Even I am faced with every once in awhile. Chewy the backup and reset or just reset my phone.

Because every once in awhile I get a notification on my phone that says “not enough space!”

And that’s when I have to empty all my apps and start right back to square one.

If you don’t have to do Westchester for now on LG cell phone models?

Do a switch as they call it from one LG phone to another.

When you do reset your phone, try to go for cleaners and antivirus apps first! You’re that much further ahead.

Yes I know it’s a pain but yet at the same time to it’s either once you get your notification about not enough space. Are neither backup and or reset?

Or keep getting notifications of not enough space!

I find that you just don’t overdo it when it comes to the various apps that are available. Just basically download the apps that you need.

And every once in a while use your cleaning apps and also run an anti-virus scan.

Even with my mobile version of Google chrome? I leave all my autofill data and my sign-in information in place.

It is still best to write down your sign-in information and your password, I don’t always change your password often.

In the words of Kim komando?

“changing passwords is like flossing we know we should!”

“but most of us don’t!”

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