Smoking vs vaping versus e-cigarettes?

This is going to be such a very long controversial subject!

We all know about smoking tobacco products. Do we really truly know anyting about vaping or e-cigarettes?

I’ve heard so many people say why my grandmother smoke when she was age? My grandfather when he was smoked at age?

I still believe in general that even medical science really truly don’t know the intricacies of the human body as they human body as they think they do?

But we are still right back to square one that’s why I am not sure about the dangers of tobacco versus the dangers of vaping versus the dangers of e-cigarettes.

I dare not going to the area of marijuana. Because that is as well a controversial subject too!

Some saying medicinally it is beneficial others say no thank you!

But since the rise in visit to the emergency room because the patient vape! It does not even put my mind at ease.

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