Do you remember as a kid? Your mom trying just about anything and everything to try to get you to eat what she made for you?

Apparently even during my growing up in the baby boomer generation?

My mom tried to make sure I was able to eat any green vegetables. She would take green peas I mix them into the mashed potatoes.

When I came to Breaded fish sticks? She always put ketchup on them.

When it came to spaghetti, stove pipes and the like?

She did not as many times over the years she always made her own sauce. But I got ketchup for my pasta.

When she made her meatloaf she always threw in but he’ll part of the bread as she left turn hard and then when it came time to make the meatloaf she would soak the bread a little bit and then just squish it between her fingers for the bread to blend in with the ground beef and other seasonings.

There were some items that I did not happen to like none whatsoever!

Swiss cheese, liver, zucchini, American cheese.

I still hate liver I so hate zucchini but wasn’t until my mid-to-late teens that I began liking swiss cheese as well as American cheese.

I guess that’s an acquired taste?

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