Morning rituals

I think my mom was the one that really started the morning ritual.

She would get up in the morning with the sound of both the radio going off as well as the alarm.

Going to the bathroom and then she would lean over the sink to copper hands full water from a cold water faucet and rince her mouth about three four times I guess to moisten her mouth after sleeping because at the time she was a real true snorer. It didn’t matter if she had to go to work or not that day it was the same ritual day in day out!

I guess since being separated from the estranged wife!

I think I created a little bit of a ritual myself!

I think I’m the same as like everyone else when it comes to trying to get out of bed in the morning.

I to go in the bathroom and empty the keg, prepare for pot of coffee in the morning, turn on the computer, go through the email.

One of the things I do in the morning. are I’m not at all that concerned of what happened overnight or even before I went to bed for that matter.

I subscribe by email from various online dictionaries word of the day.

Some of the words are really expensive!

And I may not use them in my day-to-day communications. There are mornings where I come across a word of the day that sounds very interesting.

I do try to include that in my vocabulary. But! Sooner or later in trying to include it. It fades away.

But if nothing else! I won’t be so much in the dark when somebody does use that word.

There have been times that I have run out of coffee. For my iced coffee! Once I do buy coffee. I’m back in the groove!

The thing that I do need to point out here is that?

Try not to get into a rut of having a routine / ritual each and every morning.

I think that the reason why my mom had a morning ritual was because. She was a child of the great depression. I think for her that was really the sure thing that she knew she could depend on in her own way.

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