The proverbial boss!

Like them? Love them? Hate their guts?

Some of them can start out real nice but once they get to know you you’re screwed!

Some have I’m education problem. Where they take their title I’ve been in charge of a department and get off on it in more ways than one!

They think they can do no wrong!

As one person in charge told me:”right or wrong! I’m still the boss!”

And the worst part about it is? They still believe in the prehistoric philosophy of?

Loyalty and dedication = job security! I know one guy that believed in it when the company folded he ended up being a ticket-taker at the local airport parking lot.

It’s all because of two reasons!

The state employment law

And the backing of management no matter what level they may be.

The state employment law gives employers more of an open hand, I’m not enough laws to cover employees.

Very simply if the scales were balance on the other side?

Employers would take their toys elsewhere!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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