Tippinng! “?”

This is the most hardest part of having people assist / help you

The word “Tip” means “To insure prompt service!”.

IDK? About the rest of the world!

But here in the US it’s the most biggest most misunderstood form of tipping there really truly is.

A lot of people especially when it comes to going to a restaurant basically a casual restaurant local restaurant national chain those types.

People always leave as a tip a coin or a few!

I look at them and their response is: “they make full wage!”

You know they don’t!

If people took the time to find out that by state law. There are certain jobs that only pay half the wage.

Being a server at a restaurant is one of those jobs that only pays half the minimum wage.

The people who dine? If you think the server makes for wage. that meal you just had would have cost at least one if not two times more than what you currently paid!

Especially with what servers encounter? Whining, complaining customers!

The list can be endless!

I know a pizza delivery guy even if you submit your order online or by phone and you tip the delivery driver no matter who they are? the delivery driver call you to let you know he’s there at the same time he’ll say to you: “you didn’t tip me!”

His job is not to frustrate the customer at all!

Or even in his weird-ass way? Try to scam the customer into tipping him twice!

I’ve complained about it to the corporate HQ and complained about it to the manager both places plead ignorance!

With thanks to the internet! You can look up how much to tip people!

Don’t get taken!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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