Is retail shopping going by the way of the dinosaur?

It’s kind of hard for me to believe that.

Even though online shopping is cheaper than going into a brick-and-mortar retailer.

I think there will always be a need for the consumer to get out of the house, go to the store, and feel the goods!

Online shopping doesn’t have a lot of overhead as brick-and-mortar retailers do.

Even with brick-and-mortar stores. There’s overhead that needs to be paid. Not only that! There is also another cost built into that price of whatever item you want to buy? And that hidden cost is the price we all pay for. Shoplifters! So even though shoplifters sometimes get away with shoplifting an item or items?

We’re paying for those items that the shop helps him or herself to! I think when it comes to retailers? There will still be a need for brick and mortar stores. But! we just have to go that much further away from where we live just to be at that store to go shopping.

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