Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio

JJ’s grab & go

On West 130th Street

Anytime you use whatever type of credit card? I used to charge you $0.50 as they called a “transaction fee!”

Now that you’re active up to $1.10 transaction fee.

It is a merchant/owner of the store the pays for any all credit card fees not the customer!

It is just their way of trying to squeeze in more profit for the owner!

It is the only store in town that does such a hideous thing!

Lou’s mini Mart on West 130th

This is one of only a few stores that will not accept credit cards of any kind or type!

However they have an unknown ATM machine!

And they do accept EBT cards! The owner wit short you on occasions by not giving you the change back!

And he sells beer &Soda that are past the expiration date!

Any charges $3 more for a 2 l soda of any brand vs. the competition down the street!

U.S. Bank on Puritas Avenue

This is where 4 bicthes work at!

One of the tellers shorted me $50!

They love messing around with their customers and think nothing of it!

The assistant manager tries to pretend subtly and discreetly as if she is the branch manager!

Family Dollar on Puritas Avenue in Puritas Park

When you try to swipe your card in their device it does not ask you what language English or Spanish you only have one choice Spanish! Thea cashier as dumb as the device!

Ann’s beverage on Lorain Avenue

If you go there for the first time and you use your credit card?

They will not hit the payment button on the register. They will give you back your card and say: “your card was declined!”

But when you go back to her the second time nobut when you go back to her the second time no problem

But if you go back there a second time and use the same card no problem!

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