So you want to start your own business?

First question to ask yourself is why?

There is nothing easy about running a business.

You have to be able to approach people. And you also have to know the right things to say!

People want to be coaxed into doing something,

This also applies to selling.

How many times have heard people say:”someday I’m going to start my own business! “

The longer you think about starting your own business? You’re much better off not even thinking about it!

You do have to learn how to sell? What to sell? Who are your customers, what you want to sell your product/service to?

Knowing what to say and how to say it?

What are the benefits of what it is that you’re selling to the customer?

When training future employees to sell your product or service?

Is it duplicatable? know what you’re getting into the same philosophy also applies to either going into business for yourself? As well as multi-level marketing/network marketing.

1% of 100 men than having me to do 100% of the work!”

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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