When you were growing up!

Do you remember your very first haircut?

In the beginning my mom used to cut my hair.

One day in the Tremont area she took me to a barber shop. For the first time!

I cried my eyes out!

Every time he use the electric clippers he would pull away real hard!

And my parents and my half-sister to tell me what’s wrong what’s the problem I said it hurts the barber said no it doesn’t!

From that time my mom cut my hair. We returned back to the Tremont area to live in what was called the projects aka subsidized public housing.

I want to a barber shop up the street called Sam’s Barber Shop and that was the most delightful experience of all

Then I move away from Cleveland to live in Connecticut and I still want to the same barbershop every time we went back home to Cleveland to visit our family.

My son’s turn to get a haircut I want to watch how’s the barber cut men’s hair.

I went to some other barber shop on we moved into the stockyard area of Cleveland Ohio.

I said see how he does it. My son said yes.

And it was his turn he liked it.

What can I say?

She had a better experience than I did!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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