Inconsistency in our local school system

I never really gave it much thought while I was going through the local school system in the number of inconsistent teachers/ principles for that matter.

Each teacher had his or her own way of conducting and controlling if not manipulating and dominating their classroom!

Teacher is dependent on the yardstick for swating their students were not conforming in complying to what they want!

In some ways looking back it just seems like conformity would be a lot better then inconsistencies among teachers and principals and yes even a local school board.

It just seems me all the school system is concerned about is?

You got a degree? You got a license to teach? We got just the school for you!

There should be a psychological test to find out how stable/volatile your mind really is?

I’m sure there’s not a kid or an adult sometime or another when they went to school?

There was not a teacher we all thought was really off his or her rocker!

I heard some former students of a specific teacher would come in with a small block of wood and ask the teacher would you like me to make a paddle out of it? And the teacher said yes! Butt holes in it!

I seen a teacher use the yardstick to swat a student and the yardstick broke!

Or perhaps there should be a psychological test every semester use that as a pay grade.

I also wonder if these teachers ever decided to become a teacher if they were doing it for?

The money? Or because they love working with kids?

I still say the inconsistencies among teachers are mostly nothing more nothing less than bragging rights to tell other teachers look how well my class is?

There was only one school that was really fun to be in. There were a few bad teachers in the bunch.

Or when I got into junior high school?

It was a motherfuker!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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