Smoking cigarettes

When I was a security guard.

I would stand outside in the morning, and see people scrounge for a cigarette butt in the outdoor ashtray that they thought it was still decent enough to smoke!

No matter how short the cigarette butt was! At least to them there was still a few Puffs at last to enjoy.

It’s one thing to quit smoking on your own!

It’s another to have it enforced upon you!

I knew an employer. Just because he was the president of a company he quit smoking.

He feels if he could inflict upon everyone else in the building to do the same. even offered to pay a percentage with the health insurance for these smoking cessation kits. There were no takers.

Before the Ohio no smoking law was implemented.

Restaurants. Had a Booming business

the thing that gets to me about restaurants is how they handle smoking and non-smoking customers?

When even are itself circulates within any structure even restaurants!

I after the no smoking law was passed.

Restaurants suffered in more ways than one!

The thing that I don’t understand is?

Why have a section in the restaurant called no smoking? Aa if the cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke stays in one place because the Management’s designated this specific area to be the smoking section?

And the tobacco smoke is going to remain stagnant in that place?

People who refuse to quit smoking we’ll take let’s just say extra brakes while on the clock just a sneak a toke or more.

Why are you freeze your nothing’s off all for the sake of a smoke?

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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