Cable was an antenna service. Only for people who lived in the “rich” suburbs.

It was promoted as having: more programs more sports! etc. It only covered channels 2-13.

This was at a time when TV stations went off the air mostly after the last network program, then the last reading of the news.Then there was noting during the overnight hrs. Only in less competitive markets.

I seen in the NYT! TV ;listings for the NYC area.Those stations did not go off the air. They were still on the air!

In the morning? You were lucky if you did see a station that came on 6 am! snowy picture! But you got something to watch!

I remember! When HBO began transmission around 7 pm.

That may have been the start of cable.

There were reports of cable companies playing politics. Just to secure a
franchise agreement towards the inner-city.nt with thar city. Suburbs “First!” then move towards the inner-city.

Cable was sovery customised!

Each cable network? Had something for anyone! Who’ s everyone!


Aside from sports, primatene programing!

Carbon copies! Of what we see elsewhere on on other cable chs.

The only chs. that that still stay true? Christian, sports, TCM! News networks? Until approximately? After 12 pm or primetime.

I remember watching HLN! From morning throughout till 7 pm.

I got to see just how the news was “filtered!”

People want to watch programs that are mostly? Trending, what everybody watches.

That’s sad!

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