It still amazes me!

How people expect law enforcement to solve these and other crimes. Impossibile!

Take any! Driveby shooting incident! More than likely. It was a “revenge” shooting.

I doubt that! any shooting was by freakish chance.  Mistaken ID? hardly! Wrong house? Again! To the same!

It has gotten to the point where?

It’s us! against them {gangs, drug dealers, crooks} you know!

But we do not care who, where we get our drugs from. We “USERS” don’t think none at all! Of what we are doing?

To us and our suppliers!

We users? don’t know/care! what we are really, truly doing?

We are making our suppliers that much richer!

While we are that much more dependent on them!

To make us miserable!

Your supplier? Could not care less about you if you live/die!

Because? They know there’s another loser around the corner!


YET! We still expect law enforcement to solve any/all things that go on?

In some ways? The minisub police station is only a “band-aid” solution.

Better laws? Perhaps!  that would cause? Prison overcrowding.

Then! We again: “Not in my backyard you don’t put one here!”

Where does that put us?

In the middle again!







Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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