What is it?

We seem to get attention from other ways & means!

From famous stars!

To John & Jane Q. Public!

One! FMR. Porn star seems she cannot get enough attention from her soon to be husband.

She’s on twitter, Instagram either tweeting.posting videos about herself!

Under the disguise of promoting what she has bought! To an online sports betting website!

It’s all about her!

Then there are people who just love to post anything!

Thoughts, comments, opinions, etc.

Not only do we want attention!

I think we have that need to connect with someone. We all want to find new friends. But we are not sure howor where to do it or go?

But with the internet being the way it has become?

It just makes

finding friends and lovers so very difficult!

Why? famous people want to be online?

To ecellerate their careers?

To fill a void in their lives?

We will always be?

The loneliest plant in the universe.

Even these famous people!

Can and do attract!

What I call?

Fruit and nuts, trail, mix, granola type and kind of people

If? these famous people can afford security?

More power to them!

I can find a better way!

To spend my money!






Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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