Next to sex!

Tipping has become confusing!

The where, when, how much to tip?

Is confusing!

I hate it!

When people leave a few coins on the table. There are “BUSBOYS!” WHO WILL “STEAL” THE SERVEES TIP!

It’s the customers who leave a few coins on the table for the servers. I see them and they say” they make a full wage!

They too! Believe in what they hear or are told!

No wonder the world is the way it is!!!!!

That! And what brings down property values?

That’s another post!

Normally! $2.00 is the average.

But! Given the “Thankless” job they are doing?

To some women! Being a server is the next best thing then?

You know?

Thos might be women who do not know they can be whoever they want to!

It could be?

That next step!

That scares them?

Apathy/empathy does go a long way!







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I write about people places and things and then some!

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