VAPING Vs. Cigarettes



We don’t know any more about this than we do about cigarettes!

I did not trust this from when I first heard about it.

Why? Are we doing this?

Because everyone else is?

The old saying: “If everyone doused themselves with gas you would too?”

I hate it when?

People follow what everyone else is doing.

To me?

It just makes me think? they are not their own person.

Vaping cases are UP!

Juul was accused of false advertising of their product!

Cigarette companies to the same as well!

Anything new here?



Cigarette companies got away with it! By laking false claims about the so-called benefits of smoking.

When there was none!

It’s what’s called?

“Damage control!”

Why have these vaping companies don’t do the same?

I have not seen so many attacks on vaping for a long time!


Cigarettes on the other hand!

Ever since the Reagan administration!

Businesses have had no smoking inside the building.

What did employees do?

Smoke outside.

I still think other employees that did not smoke? Took up smoking because smokers are allowed to smoke outside during business hours. Why not me?

You’re defeating your own purpose to live longer!

tobacco companies! Made smoking?

Right of passage for adults, sexy, pleasure to smoke.

Some people think?

Smoking is a god-given right!

Do we know? Who planted the first tobacco plant?



Back then!

We knew how we felt after smoking it!

Or did it become an addiction?


When we were young. the thought, idea of smoking just like the adults do. Was tempting!

When we’re young? Any and all things become experimental!

But! When we become sick in this case. Because of smoking? We wish we did not do it from the beginning!

Too late now!










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