This article about Bush & DeGeneres!

It is a bitway too much!

Is it because?

It makes the news? Fmr. politician Vs. entertainer?

Hinting at? “This makes strange bedfellows?”


I wish?

There are people in the world that have learned how to’s!

Better than some of us.


Some people have that  “Gift of gab!”

Some don’t.

I read a book about making friends.

It talked about liking the other person first.

Which got me to understand what Will Rodger’s said: “I never met a (person) I did not like”!

It was because he learned to like the other [erson first.

If? You do run into a [persom that does not like you?

Remember! The problem is with them! Not you!

As long as you did not do anything wrong?

At times? It can be hard to make friends.

There are circumstances that do happen in a person’s life.


We all know! There are things in our life that do not go the way it should.

The same holds true for others.

It does take time!



















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I write about people places and things and then some!

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