I hope to update this as time goes by!

Making money?

Yes! We all have to work for the money!

Here’s the thing!

When we were growing up!

All we wanted was to get that 1st. job.

When we do get our 1st. job?

We tend to plant roots there. Not thinking about tomorrow, the future. We think: “I’ll get to it!” “When I get to it!” Do we? “NO!” And that’s as far as it goes!

There’s a difference between? A job? And a career?

Two ways of looking at this!

A job is something you don’t want to do!

A career is something you do want to do!


A job? Is where all your thinking is done for you!

A career? It is where you think for yourself!

No. 3!

A job? Is? it is more mental!

Now! You know where the song “Old man river” came from?

When we were young?

We wanted to be?

This! That!

What happened?

We got sidetracked!

That PT job?

Became a full-time job!

While we are young!

We should be considering our future. Not the “here and now!”

When we do get that 1st. job?

We should be thinking?

Retirement funds!

SSI will be depleated by the time you get that job!

Second income!

It is something to consider.

But! Don’t make it an income that you get used to.

Think of it as a “side-income!”

A rainy day fund. For repairs, improvements, micro-investing.

I have seen!

People of all ages!

Living in a transient facility.

Wrong move(s), did not see it coming!

You have to think?

More than one job!

You can’t stay with one job! There maybe no employment there.


Make the money work for you!

Not so much “you working for the money!”


Is an easy way to invest for the everyday worker.

Learn the basics!

And continue to learn as you go along!

Look for high yield savings accounts!

Most are online banks.

Ever notice the difference? Between? Brick & mortar banks?

And online banks?

The APY is higher!

IF you want to start out on the low end of investing?

Start out with online savings banks.


We wanted to be this! That!

What happened?

We got sidetracked!

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