vehicular homemade

(In Ohio! OVI means “Operating a vehicle impaired”)

It’s amazing!

How we think, feel, believe.

When we get drunk!!

We are? “invincible” behind the wheel!

There are people who have more points on their license!

That is still driving!

The court system needs an overhaul badly!

Judges know the law! But circumvent it!

It’s similar to gun control!

Both have more than enough laws to them.

But! Are they enforced?

Hardly! If ever!

We should monitor judges, our lawmakers!

Making sure!

They have us!

In their minds!

1 Problem with that?


Among us!


Anyone! Who runs for office?

Should be held responsible/accountable for their platform(s).

For judges?

The decisions they make while on the bench.

There are some people?

That ignores their suspension driving privileges.

A dam if you do! Damm if you don’t!









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I write about people places and things and then some!

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