I’m watching the news and they showed the downtown skyline.

So many lights!

Reflected on the cloud cover above.

It all started when I think we were the first city in the country that began. Using lights to highlight/showoff. The buildings. I can remember the downtown streetlights not being as bright as they are today.

Does it say anything? About how life & times have changed dramatically? It cannot be anything positive.

When I was growing up!

The only thing that was bright was?

The steel slag being poured to make steel during the night. How the slag reflected in the night sky.


It is amazing!

That over the years. We did not think anything about it!

Here we are!

Talking about climate change, global warming, the ozone layer.

Little to nothing!

It is being done about it!

Big business, Government. They are to blame!

Profit before health!



Most of us know about “the river that burned!”

The Cuyahoga river!

Because of waste dumping. From ships as well.

And Trump wants to get rid of the EPA?


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