I remember?

Taking the bus downtown.

In that old beige and yellow buses. Some bus drivers let me empty the farebox, which was a fun thing to do.

The thing that got me the most was? Taking the subway ( we call it? The “Rapid”).

In the winter. the sound of the rapid riding the rails. Always! In the winter I heard that “Roaring sound”.

They sold tickets, transfers to go from one bus/rapid to another.

There was a time when?

Bus/rapid drivers make change. After too many robberies. It became “exact fare”.

Teenagers! I would sit in the back and either use a magic marker and write crap! Or cut the seats.

Then the company bought hard plastic seats. To keep them from cutting in.

They still wrote!

Then the company bought “luxury buses!”. These had to air-condition, reclining seats.

Only people who went to Cedar point got to ride them. Now! People who live either in the suburbs or near the county line.

They had buses that went to the zoo!

Kids who got on board? Got a box of” animal crackers!”

When my mom worked in Shaker Hts.!

I went to work with her at times.

While waiting for the Shaker Hts. rapid?

I got to see where they put the old rapid trains. It was weird!

They shard some of the public transportation tracks.

There was one area that? If the electrical rod on the train jumped!

The motorman had to go out and put the rod back on thack.

It went from the eastside of Cleveland. to about woodland ave.

Then you went into an area called?

Shaker square/ Shaker ht. did not begin at Shaler square!

You were still in Cleveland.

Shaker Hts. Started 500ft. away.

Then! The scenery changed!

I think it was mostly for business people and domestic enginers/


I’m not quite sure?

But! I notice some kids from the eastside of Cleveland, Were going to Shaker Hts. schools!

This was years before busing was implemented.

NOW! The buses & rapids have changed but not by much!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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