Recess, going home for lunch, leaving school at the end of the day!

Most kids had “homework!”

I did not!

I did! But! I choose not to.?

The whole idea of homework?

Was insane!

Schoolwork! It is for school!

Not home!

And “Snow days!”


There was one time when?

The Cleveland BOE!

Used a snow day!

When they were cash strapped for money.

There was “NO SNOW” on the ground during the winter!

I can recall?

When the kids were let out because of “teachers meeting”.

Which now is call?


I was the only kid in every class that did not have to be concerned about being held back!


I was 1-2 years older than the other kids.

My mom asked the principal: “Why are you passing him with bad grades for?”

They said?

Because of his age!

IDK? How strict the teachers were!

I was determined to “Stand my ground!”

I have seen more kids!

Either get sick in school!


Go to the lavatory!

Good thing I got out when I did!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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