A ression!

It is not that bad as some may think.

It’s like?

The way we feel when we are not ourselves.

It does take time to adjust.


geo. W. Bush!

Was close to the end o his 2nd. term in office.

He knew he could not pass anything because of the “Lame Duck” situation he was in.

He made his money!

Long ago!

What does he have to be concerned about?

My recollection of a recession?

Was when Ford took over after Nixon left.

There was a concern that!

Americans did not spend their “Rebates” as they were called back then.

Instead! They put it in the bank.

At the time. Ford came out with a button that read: “WIN” ment “Whip Inflation Now!”

There were people who wore it upsidedown.

Ment: “No Instant Miracle!”

We made it through!

We can do it again!












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I write about people places and things and then some!

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