What’s it like being homeless?

I began being homeless when property Management refuse to renew my lease.

I spent two weeks at the comfort inn in Middleburg heights Ohio, about a week and a half at the Super 8 motel on Sperry road in Westlake Ohio USA.

As I got closer to check out time at the Super 8 motel.

I began feeling suicidal.

I talked to my nephew and my nephew he says “I don’t like the way your talking! Next thing I know I got to Westlake Police the Westlake fire department of Westlake EMS took me over to St John’s medical center.

I met both politically correct people! And Narcissists! The administrative people as my dad would say:”I wouldn’t hit a dog in the ass with them!” The same holds true for clear Vista!

Then I ended up going to a place called clear vista in Lorain Ohio USA.

We’ve all heard of the term puppy mill?

Clear vista is a mental mill you should forget using the word health.

I was there Monday afternoon I got the boot Thursday afternoon!

My problem was not solved!

A social worker there goes by the name of gayleen! She lies to your face and thinks nothing of it!

That is called a social worker?

The doctors talk a good talk but can’t walk the walk wtf!

The nursing staff are narcissist and clicks, and whores!

The so-called nurses are the ones that run the fucking place not the doctors not management not even executives!

I also got screwed by one of the psychiatrist there as far as my meds to slow down my bipolar disorder!

Long and shortof it! I ended up in a group home so far everybody has been very nice one of them women her bastard son fuck with the patients!

And one of my roommates is a narcissist!

So far everybody behaves themselves but those narcissistic fuckheads!

I did make kind of a friend with a woman who was born in the sixties and me born in the mid 50s.

Apparently our favorite thing is playing Uno.

From what I understand I have 180 days here and I have to be out of here!

My oldest son does the best he can with the help of his brother and doing what I need to have done.

My youngest son lucky enough! He did buy some of my psych meds for me.

A guy could get used to Lorain county.

So far from what I have encountered it’s quiet I see a few cars here and there.

Apparently I’m near a public housing area it looks like a public housing area.

We have a “giant” who thinks he can do what he wants!

He’s trashing the dorm!

He’s gone now!

I had to be moved to another rm.

Wednesday! We will go to the church to wait for repairs to be made.

Each day that goes by? I get depressed!

I just want to die! Because of the way things are going. Slowly!

I’m waiting for my card to arrive. And save towards a new place to live.



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I write about people places and things and then some!

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