The people!

All different kinds, types of people!

One is a narcissist! Who has his eyebrows plucked! Is a “toilet freak!” & gay!

There are others!

There was a woman who pretended to be christian!  But was a

There were plenty of narcissists! To go around!

The food!

Like? How many times can you recycle “Fried Chicken”?

Some of the food was so close to being expired! That some of it tasted rancid!

The shelter could not care less!

The foods that are donated? The employees get 1st. crack at it!

You always had chores to do.

Even most of them were to keep the place clean. It still remains so very dirty!

Living in a dorm room!

Some if not most men. clash with others especially when it comes to trying to sleep!

It is a humbling experience!


















Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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