When you’re in a homeless shelter you?

Don’t know what to do what to say how to say it.

Because you’re dealing with a mixed bag of mentalities and attitudes mostly narcissist!

The food and the coffee is so way below substandard so way Philip are pets of people in management would not even to their own familyz friends, loved one or even their own pets!

As a homeless person you’re not treated as a human being!

Just another warm body!

They provide you with the basics food needless to say, shelter drafty AF, and finding other organizations to provide food for the residents on holidays.

Always maintain a low key low profile, out of sight out of mind mentality and attitude!

you will get treated nothing more nothing less than a warm body not at the living breathing thinking human being none whatsoever!

it does not matter if you like them or not it is a matter of getting along with anyone and everyone there!

Living at home vs a homeless shelter AKA communal living is so very drastically different!

The ones that are there cannot tell the difference either!

What are your vices, habits, addictions are?

From the time you fill out the paperwork drop them ASAP post haste!

Because the homeless shelter expects you to have the necessary money to find another place to live!

Especially if you run into narcissist!

You’re screwed in more ways than one!

Remember what I said about mentalities, attitudes?

With the many gigs, and side economy’s?

Even for homeless people this is a starting point!

but even those at the homeless shelter cannot understand or comprehend such a thing!

Many are there of their own choosing unbeknownst to them!

Others through no fault of their own!

Other through foolish spending!

I thought you cannot tell them that!

From where I was at?

If it was through food spending, feeding their vices, habit, addictions!

It’s easy to spend money so very easy to spend money! Especially with no such thinking at all!

Depending upon the laws of where you live?

This is Matt a hotel Hilton,!

Nor is this the super 8!

“This is not a block party make it on your own!”

Things, people and situations can be different!

It’s all a matter of if you let them be?

Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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