After living in a homeless shelter

It’s a hard having to live your life. To living in a homeless shelter To going back into normal life.

Keep in mind that!

When you’re living in a homeless shelter. You do what you have to do just to remain sane and alive and well.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had a little bit of what I thought of what it would be like at a homeless shelter.

And I was right!. I believe that when people go to a homeless shelter for whatever the reason is.Will clash with the mentality and attitude as  a defense shield.

It came close to a physical fight One young person turn the TV to a football game another person another person hollered no oh, no.

No one told me while I was there. during the 40 Days by state law on homeless shelters allowed are allowed to hey there. Then after 40 days They have to cut them loose

During that time you are expected to find a place to live. And that means whatever your vices, habits, addictions are?

You had to drop them faster than lightning strikes!

There was one couple and a teenage son.

Speaking strictly for me

I think that when push comes to shove. Havng my family live in a homeless shelter?

I would seriously consider ending it all!

Simply because I as a man could not provide for my family to live some other place. Just a thought also having my family stay at a homeless shelter?

Especially for my teenage son. It would get me to think? ” my dad let us down! And “what does my son think about his dad now?”

I would be thinking to myself not only did I to let my family down! I let myself down!  Having my family end up living homeless shelter.

That plays Hillary I’m a child of mind!

While I was there up until the time I left

They kept up with their addiction basically but kept smoking cigarettes! Buying 12 packs of soda and think nothing of it.

Aside from him being a husband and a father.

He couldn’t care less about  whon to talk to and our associate himself with none whatsoever!

I have come to learn: “a person is known by the company they keep”

Apparently even at his age he was never told that.

There was this guy while he was there who try to find as many food items that were available out in the open.  He tried to eat so much of it.   It was as if he was deprived or he was never given food to eat a great majority of his life! 

He ended up having a reputation for eating anything and everything that was not mailed down!

He even stole a sack of figs He tried to cover it up. Another woman I and were playing Uno I told him I know you’re so some of my things and try to hide it as a frosted.

I told him” you were not biting on m180! He tried to ransack my bags that I always carrying with me and think nothing of it!

One evening management came into our dorm or he was with me as well. And he was toldt toget his stuff and get out of here apparently other people complained about him there were like three jars of peanut butter sitting on the counter near coffee machine the microwave other food items were.

He couldn’t care less who about who those three jars of peanut butter belong  to he helped himself to all to all 3 jars of it!

There was a one young person. His first day at the shelter.

I always have an extension cord to keep my cell phone plugged in.

He  unplugged my extension cord from the wall socket I did not thank nothing ever nothing.

The second day he was there he did it again!

I told him that extension cord was mine!

There’s a rule at the shelter was a nobody is the standard dorms from 9 a.m. to 5 PM.

For me and the other guys in our dormitory. Summer on young people went too bad the other young people went out for the evening curfew everyday was at 10 p.m. otherwise after 10 p.m. you came back you were locked out!

Having to take a shower at  sa homeless shelter got me very concerned. Simply because it was a homeless shelter.

Very uncomfortable!

Parents mostly single parent(s) They have this hands off type of parenting philosophy!

Majority of these kids I ended up calling them nothing more nothing less than rodents!

One single mom who had kids 15 year old daughter who was pregnant!

Again! From the time they arrived or time I left!

She was oblivious to her own kids she spent the whole time there talking to people on her cell phone. She spend so much time on her cell phone! Apparently she was trying to figure out how can she melt her face to her cell phone!

One day she let her kids play in this room that we all sad for good majority of the day.

While she was outside the room again trying to figure out how to melt her cell phone to her face!

I came out of the room I seen her sitting on the last step and said: minors babysitting minors stupid!”  she came into the room gather up her rodents apparently she told them see that guy over there?

In previous post I talked about some guy who has a psychological problem and that’s psychological problem is? “Narcissism”.

During the time that I was there?

He would and harass me and taghaddos me all for the sake of having his narcissistic fed!

he even went so far as to follow me into the men’s room he did not have anything or any part to do with the men’s room it was his way of trying to get attention from me!

there were times that he would follow me so very close behind me as I walked up and down the stairs.

There was nothing absolutely nothing! I knew he was doing it.

That this narcissistic son of a b****!

Ever proved to me that he was a heterosexual! If it 5 for us wearing clothes! Needless to say what could have happened?

That’s a No-No thing a full-blown narcissist does.

They think nothing of it and their words and their actions!

Again during the time that I was there. All the wasted time and effort he did to try and get my attention.

He could have went out and got himself a job!

He had any and all signs of a narcissist!

Now! To the meat of this blog!

While I was at the shelter I always got up 7 days a week at 5 a.m. dress to take my place in the basement which was up against the wall over the most drafty windows I could ever encounter.

I still have a problem getting a decent night’s sleep because of what I went through at the shelter. After you been in a homeless shelter? Look inversion back to normalcy is a hard one but also to. An ever so slowly conversion back to normalcy.

if you have health insurance carry that with you and also enough money to get either Uber or Lyft to and from either your doctors or true a medical center.

But if you’re coming down with a cold or flu?

Or end up eating food that is rancid?

Because I’m homeless shelter really don’t care about the freshness of the food they serve at the homeless shelter man whatsoever.

I mean coming from some other City.

You begin to learn where things are, streets are.

After the experience I went there at the shelter?

You begin to realize you don’t take your life for granted.

Someway somehow you find yourself given another opportunity to get it together for yourself!

you end up concentrating more on yourself to get your life back on track that you will ever be concerned of anybody else!

You want to plan your life better! You learn to budget your money better!

You don’t concern yourself with what other people think of you.

If they think negative of you?

Always remember!

The problem will always be with them not with you!

It’s been said: “opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world keep your own Good counsel!*

Always learn from life’s events that go on in real life from childhood to now.

Because I said from my two other post “history does repeat itself” in each and every one of our lives!

I’ve also learned?

You do have to put yourself first! You to have to take care of yourself first! Once everything in your life is put back into order? Then you can take care of the other things you had to put off until you got yourself together!












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