Is there a narcissist among Us?

In my previous post called:  history does repeat itself! It occurred to me. 

It just occurred to me that while I was at the homeless shelter. There was a guy who is f***** up in the head in more ways than one!

That’s because this guy is an absolute full-blown narcissist!

Beyond the term “full blown!” Narcissist! I found out that this guy is an exact copy of  the wife that I was married too long ago!

The difference? Gender!

Narcissist don’t care who or how they get attention it could be you or somebody you know or just a total, absolute, complete stranger.

They can run lies, b*******, say anything they want about anybody as l the  victim is not within earshot of the narcissist telling lies gossip and rumors that are outrageously false in any and every way! They don’t know they don’t care! Who they hurt at all! d they don’t think at all!w s*** they come up with!

Or how their victim thinks fuel once they find out that the shitt and talk about the victim that they were met with an ear shot at the time and spread outrageous and vicious lies about their victim.

As long as it is not a narcissist themselves!

Narcissists have this lopsided position? I badmouth you! In every way I  way shape or form type of kind! But! Don’t you do the same the  to me!

The absolute worst part about it and is that whoever he talks to recipient of this narcissist doesn’t know who they’re talking to is a narcissist!

Nor do they know what their motive, objective, goal is!

Narcissist will always be in denial 24/7 until the day they die!

What the worst part about it is you cannot tell a narcissist that they are  a narcissist! State your case on why you know they are narcissist!

Another interesting point of a narcissist is?

Narcissist can be taken, ripped off, and scammed by another fellow narcissist!

Even the narcissist themselves are unable to even sense or detect another fellow narcissist!

Even this guy I know and even my ex-wife are identical the only thing that separates the two is gender.

Could be somehow, someway be separated at birth?

Anybody can look up the word narcissist or narcissism in a dictionary that’s just a capsule definition are both words.

They have such a humongous list are negative qualities, negative characteristics! There is not enough paper in the world the hold the many negative characteristics, negative qualities of a narcissist!

They are their own best friend and their own worst enemy and again. They don’t even know it!

Over 40 years ago I was married to her the narcissist!

In 2019 I met this guy who has the exact same thing as the ex-wife is!

I am just giving you two examples of two posts that clearly can confirm?

History does repeat itself!


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