‘No Chinese allowed’: Racism and fear are now spreading along with the coronavirus: https://on.mktw.net/3aRD1AT

This sound so much familiar to the days of racism against African-Americans.

it’s interesting how people will only want to know a certain but limited amount of information concerning the virus.

“It’s what you don’t know but can hurt you”

That’s sums it up as to how people are handling the news and information about this virus.

Depending on what you do or do not know about the virus?

Is what creates such a panic in certain cities, countries.

But! We as humans there are more followers than there are are of their own person.

I want to put it another way?

“Too many Indians not enough Chiefs!”

We  tend to follow others rather than taking upon ourselves to know more about certain things.

We tend to take word-of-mouth as if it was The Rock solid truth.

And if anybody thinks as long as they are not concerned about the virus it will not affect them!

So further from the truth than it is close to a lie!



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