Anyone can invest if they really truly want to!

With micro investing!

Anyone can invest!

I began in investing with the help of my mom being a custodian to our mutual fund account.

At first my mom didn’t believe it I’m done on the broker explain to my mom that under the state of Ohio unification gifts to minors act. That’s when the investor bug hit me!

I keep in mind at the time I was only in shipping receiving and whatu to be the city of Cleveland’s oldest pro Shop until the founding families sold it to a lawyer who only knows one thing and one thing only the law!

Any ran that family print shop to the ground!

Before that happened!

Everyday I was picking up at the time?

Only The plain dealer, wsj, investors Business daily, and business week every week, penny stock news.

My co-workers kept asking me?

Why are you buying all these are there some newspapers and magazines for?

Little did they know!!

Keep in mind!

At the beginning  I knew absolutely nothing about investing.

This is before the internet.

I read the Wall Street journal publication I found that if I read an article.

And in that article there was a word I didn’t know if it’s basically a financial term jargon or whatever!

I found it if I continue reading the article somehow and someway the article would give me the definition of the word that I did not know.

My narcissistic friend Glenn!  He said he called a mutual fund company.

he was so he can get a high rate of return on a mutual fund.

at that time that depends on what type and kind of fun you want to invest and maybe you might get a higher rate of return.

He says to me repeatedly Mark a contact as somebody at the pioneer phone somebody over there told me of a much better return after hearing that b******* so many times over. I told him if you think you get a better return why aren’t you investing it? He couldn’t be no more silent than a clam. 

 He know I sounded like a robot because he kept repeating what I’ve heard so many times!

If I knew what narcissism was?

I kick his ass for the third time and still win!

Now! We have micro investing!

One of the best micro investing websites is

You can open up account with stockpile for as little as $5 and their fee is $0.99.

Acorns place to invest:


Betterment is a stickler for what’s called?

Micro deposits!


better man probably has more people that are a little more higher education than the rest of us!

It doesn’t matter what amount of micro deposit you want to use the system will rejected!

But I do love betterment everyday savings with a apy 1.83 %!

Crazy not too!

ETFs are similar to mutual funds but they are more diversified then mutual funds. And if you’re not sure about a financial or investment term?

You have a market watch, investopedia, and you also have your favorite search engine.

I’ve heard because of the way the stock market is running you can run anywhere from four to seven times the amount of money then your local bank brick and mortars apy.

We all need to start investing and saving!

Rather than just stuff it on the mattress, piggy bank, cookie jar or whatever!

If you put some money in a brick-and-mortar savings account?

Don’t ever complain about the low APR that you’re currently getting.

These are online high yield savings accounts to look into.

I tried to tell people that it’s us when you have your first job and maybe one or two months having fun and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The earlier you start saving and investing?

You’re that much further ahead!

I’ve heard it said when it comes to voting?

“The political is personal!”

That same philosophy can apply to all of us when it comes to saving and investing.

“Saving and investing is also too personal!”

Remember a guy named Joe Granville?

He  predicted on a certain day Wall Street would collapse!

Wall Street definitely proved him wrong!

I remember towards the end of a nightline with Ted Koppel interview.

Ted had to keep  pushinghim and pressuring him to finally admit he was wrong!

Even his followers subscribed to his newsletter.

Overtime is flock disappeared!

You will always have your doomsayers or naysayers or badmouth or so on and so forth!

Don’t listen to them!

Keep your own Good counsel.


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