City electric company in violation of their own laws?

Shameful violation of city law

There are low income people!

That are in over their heads when it comes to owing electric companies.

You have to understand something in the situation like this?

Usually with low-income people and I say this in all due respect!

The lack of knowledge and information and they’re low income become one of the same!

Sometimes by choice! Sometimes not by choice!

But we have radio and TV stations   local publications  to get the information out

What do TV and radio stations do?

They would much rather time broker there air waves mostly towards paid programming.

Being as what the FCC cited as radio and TV stations are are trustee of the public airwaves.

You bring that up to any radio TV stations they will tell her you are dead wrong!

Of course even the FCC is not an innocent bystander either!

As the article States is one man who sleeps in layers of clothes just to stay warm while he is without electricity he’s also looking at eviction because it’s a part of the lease to keep the electricity going!

Here we have a low-income person in a damn if you do damn if you don’t situation!

We have TV radio stations are trying to be local, community-minded? Radio and TV stations

Nothing more further from the truth than it is as close as itia  absolute lie!

Of course even the local puco and is not without sin either!

The word should be given out in any and every kind and type of communication about the alternatives and how they can apply for any and every type of heap program/payment plans that’s available!

And if the utility company does have payment plans to work with their customers it should be known year-round!

Just some people getting the same thing over and over month after month as far as leaflets are concerned along with their utility bills  Not everybody really truly reads these leaflets that come along with their utility bill months after months.

Thinking that’s not going to happen to me so I don’t need to know about it

The time comes that may end up being tight financially are they know they have to keep their utilities going specifically gas and or electric!

Then what do they do?

The next best thing to do!


As all hell!

That disconnection of service will not happen to me at all!

“Don’t rush to judgement!”

There are times when people have to go to the source of funding and or assistance!

Rather than wait for those things to come to him first!



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