Macy to close 125 stores

Macy’s to close 125 stores

Ever since the internet.

brick-and-mortar stores do have to move away from the brick and mortar stores to online shopping.

Obvious reasons prices are lower and they give the consumer the choice of either picking you up at their favorites store location? Or they have the items shipped.

if you remember the 80’s song by the group ruggles and video killed the radio Star?

The internet is killing a lot of brick and mortar stores!

The old board of directors that are still serving on to this day!

Refuse to believe that the internet is more powerful then anything in the world!

Great example RadioShack, the original hostess!

And there are people still on to this day!

These are the same people that when Reagan became president!

They believe what was the world and the clock has stopped for them and them alone!

I was at One Good neighbor pharmacy location.

Pharmacist are the ones that know more about meds then any doctor does!

These pharmacist at the Good neighbor pharmacy location! They lost it in more ways than one!

they stock their shelves as if Reaganomics is still in effect on to this day!


obviously this Good neighbor pharmacy location relies on profit being made from people who want their prescriptions filled nothing more nothing less!

unfortunately there are people going through this day who still believe nothing has changed for them.


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