The two most dreaded phrases you will ever hear from a CSR!

“I’m sorry about that!”  “I apologize for that!”

It’s been said even in the late 70s and early 80s!

Csr’s no matter what title a business may put them under.

Are nothing more nothing less than humanize computers!

Garbage an! Garbage out!

None of these csr’s or whatever water down tile a business cares to call them?

They are not at any time apologetic or sorrowful about anything!

Of course in this lifetime day and age?

Is anyone in the world? Apologetic / sorrowful about anyting?

No way no how!

And especially! When I come to businesses using outsourcing csr’s!


That’s when these outsourcing csr’s will give the customer conflicting responses in more ways than one!

A great and prime example of this is?


They’re outsourcing CSR don’t know which end is up they give such conflicting responses to CenturyLink customers!

CenturyLink from cells and their escalation team!

Would much rather stroke the customer than saw the customers problem!

Always ready to screw around with a customer as a customer doesn’t pay their bill in full and on time!

CenturyLink and businesses along those lines are only in business for one simple thing! “all for the money!”

CenturyLink is nothing more nothing less than a combination distributor affiliate of their internet phone service and DirecTV via AT&t!

Anna way? Csr’s are along the lines of lawyers!

The most expensive high-priced mouthpieces you will ever find!

Csr’s are most even grossly overpaid to do a very plain very simple comments on job!


And before you even talk to a CSR? The phone prompt will tell you: “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes!”

What are gross exaggeration of the truth if ever!

When will business ever wake up from their self-induced stupor?

Or get their head or heads for that matter out of that certain body cavity that they possess!

Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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