Anybody for a Corona?

It’s been close to a month!

Since the name change from coronavirus. To covid 19!

Just now the media is getting around to calling it covet 19?

So much for high-speed high feed technology.

Grand this is one virus that cannot make fun of.

What’s the best rumor I ever heard so far today is?

You cannot get the coronavirus by drinking Corona beer!

And this massive Run on toilet paper?

because America is not the world believes anything and everything that comes down the pike!

Back in the seventies!

During the Arab oil embargo. During Johnny Carson’s tonight show monologue one night.

He said there was also another shortage?

“Toilet paper”!

Now just because Carson drink is monologue said that there’s a shortage of toilet paper the news media caught on to it!and doing what the news media can only do take the tiny things and exaggerate them and run them into the ground!

people are now using toilet paper and if they cannot find toilet paper they’re using paper towels for homemade surgical mask (s)!

There’s a problem with that?

it doesn’t matter how thick your surgical mask maybe?

Deadpool always have gaps along the side of the bridge of your nose your left and right side of your cheeks and your chin.

The only thing good about creating a economically design face mask is?

You won’t be too far to blow your nose!

The next rumor is using apple cider vinegar.

That cannot be no closer to Ally than it is far away from the truth.

I’ve also heard another rumor stating that the covid19 virus is actually SARS!

For what it’s worth!

And of course anytime there is a virus such as this!

businesses won’t pop up from out of nowhere making so many outrageous claims nothing medically or scientifically to back up these outrageous claims.

Until science and the medical industry comes up with something to solve this covet 19 virus?

With people bring told to stay inside.

It’s a lot better than what the people in China are going through!

The Chinese government is welding shut the front doors in order to keep the tenants contained.

We have a few options before us?

We can either go around or normal daily routine and always wash your hands at least up to our wrist twice a day or more!

try to restrict our exposure to the outdoors and the places we go to?

Or to live like hermits?

There is a lot of reasonable as well as panic decisions we all have to make if you seen the number of precautions each and every state is taking because of the covid19 virus.

It’s like taking a multiple-choice quiz.

There is no right or wrong answer. For the chest close to the right answer as we can get. Not any and all news media’s I know which end is out at this point in time.

“All for the sake of ratings!”

not every news media will thoroughly report the story due to time constraints and also trying to maintain the viewer’s attention.

“We all are our own editor!”

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