I must be a narcissistic Magnet!

As far back elementary School.

As far back as my classmates I found that even be to have the humble beginnings of narcissism.

The best slash or worst of them all for the kid named Danny Rayburn.

He hated me since the first day of kindergarten.

I said or did nothing at all to him to provoke antagonize harass me.

Even in later years he’ll call me some childish ignorant stupid name thinking that’s his way of getting back at me because he claimed that I stole his phone from them!

If you had contained his dog he wouldn’t be running loose!

Another one was in junior high school.

I have some spark plug decals.

When it was his turn when she was the last person in line I ran out.

To get back at me he would harass and antagonize me just so he can get attention from me.

Then! I married the wrong girl she came from a dysfunctional narcissistic family and then it up being the family whore!

funny things you can think of the get my attention that did not matter what it is how she did it all she was concerned about is getting attention from me.

Even after many jobs I worked at there was always somebody who suffered from narcissism

Does not matter who it be subordinate or management.

My nephew’s girlfriend use me to reunite with my nephew.

man she should start our own business the family and home worker LLC.

I have not ever and all my life! Felt so very strongly as I do about my nephew.

He’s got more medical problem but yet with all the illegal drug use he sucked down over the years.

He still expects conventional medicine to cure any of all of his ills in later life.

The interesting thing about narcissists?

They cannot sense or detect another fellow narcissist at all!

But because they cannot send her to check a song narcissist take it ripped off skin scam in more ways than one by one of their own fellow narcissist.

Unfortunately even parents don’t know when what’s a 2 seed of narcissism was planted?

It was during their toddler years yanwen kids around those top of your make noises to try and draw attention to themselves

and at that point if they think you’re not getting enough attention from anybody let alone their mom and dad sister brother?

That’s where the seat of narcissism control any weed known to man!

Published by mark pichler

I write about people places and things and then some!

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