Cleveland Heights officer tests positive for COVID-19

With the covid-19 19 virus.

I’m seeing too many reports laying all different types and kinds of print.

The names all people who have the covid-19 virus is being reported

I think at this point in time. I would much rather be a statistic then have my name printed as one of the people who have the virus.

Because with the covid-19 virus going around? It stopped short of claiming a person has the bubonic plague,. typhoid fever.

Nobody wants that

as any and all news media’s have already in their own weird-ass way?

Have morals demonstrated shown and implemented how much of a heart mind body and soul they really do have!

Nothing more nothing less than a shell. Of what they really truly could be!

They do not respect an individual’s privacy!

It’s all for the ratings! Ratings mean more advertisers more advertisers mean more money!

How far will this go?

If you really truly think about this?

It could be another way of reducing the population of the Earth.

But as far as the news media is concerned?

Kraverie! But you know and see and hear of no boundaries, limitations, privacy!

Clearly they have no conscience apathy or empathy as well as no shame!

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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