COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips | Federal Communications Commission

Always in situations like this. There will always be someone either working or skulking around the corner trying to figure out the ways and means in order to scam connive and chive and flat out lie to people just to make a buck.

They will also what’s called “spoof” phone numbers. To get you to think it’s a government employee when it is not!

As you can see there will be people who has a 2 with emails send emails to strangers but some do stuff to the cracked into our inbox. They do the same when it comes to phone numbers.

Unfortunately for the past few years! A lot of businesses and individuals will block their name but you will see on your caller ID only the phone number.

what I do in that case if it’s a phone number I am not familiar with?

I left a voicemail handle it and then I’ll figure it out should I call or not?

Very simply! It’s your phone! Not theirs!

It’s a damn dirty shame! We live in a world of humans are somewhere like trail mix granola fruit and nut!

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